Water Softener

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The whole house water treatment plant has a capacity of 500 liters per hour and suitable for your entire home.


Reasons: Glassware has spots straight out of the dishwasher and it’s harder to wash away soap scum from the shower or bath, and you might even notice mineral build-up on your sinks. Your hair is becoming unmanageable and your skin is dry and itchy.

Solutions: Water softeners or water conditioning systems were formed to combat these issues. When water runs through the softener system, the minerals in it and most notably calcium and magnesium go through a process known as ion exchange. This replaces the minerals with sodium and leaves water soft. You will notice a difference almost immediately.

1 review for Water Softener

  1. Medilac

    I have extremely dry skin that\’s also acne prone and sensitive. That\’s a tough combination to treat because most products that heavily moisturizer also cause acne. This lotion is by far the best I\’ve used! I can slather it on as much as I want without any irritation or acne and it soaks right in and soothes my dry skin. I\’m a lifetime customer for sure

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